Our philosophy Fast & Light!

From the beginning of Crazy Idea’s story , we have been immersed in the scent of races, athletes, the number on the pectoral and competitions belong to our DNA.

With this, in Crazy idea, climb into the mountain has always been our aim, not necessarily for racing but often for speed.

Unlike what is believed, and contrary to Highway Code, in the mountain, speed is safety… if you know how to do.

Get on fast, permit you to avoid part of mountain unforeseen that are daily occurrence. The quick change of the weather conditions, especially, is one of the worst enemy for the mountaineers, you can at times forecast it, but you cannot slow it down. You must be faster!

Fast & Light, It’s our belief. Following this two easy words, we draw, produce and test our clothing, comfortable apparel that permit you to get on fast, made of fabrics tested by our athletes, in sky mountaineering and sky running, among the greatest in the world.

We don’t have to be like them, but we can follow their philosophy, like steinbock running free… be Crazy.

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