The Jkt Flame is a hybrid perfect for the active ski touring, when you go up with a high path and the weather is bad; cloudy sky, gusts of wind, whirlwinds of snow won't be a problem for you anymore. The external fabric used in the front part of the bust and the external of the sleeves is ultralight nylon with windproof and water repellent features, the padding is light and breathable Polartec Alfa. The fabric on the back and in the back part of the sleeves is an innovative fleece that has water repellent properties thanks to DWR treatment while enhancing the moisture evacuation, and it helps protecting from bad weather remaining in shape without wrinkling. The athletic fit, the shaped hood with a semirigid visor to prevent the spill of the water, comfortable once worn the helmet, the two external pockets on the chest, one zipped and the other one with a quick opening with an elastic trim and a closing velcro to store the gloves, the cap or the sealskins there, are details that underline its "pure" Fast&Light character interpreted by Crazy.

  • preformed hood
  • one chested pocket with a zip
  • wide chested pocket in fabric with elastic trim
  • hood with an internal sock and semirigid non drip visor
  • elastic bottom






This product is currently not available.

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