About Valeria

I'm Valeria Colturi, a girl born in the mountains with a dream: to make technical clothing for the sports that I love. Putting all my passion into it, I created original garments, trying to overcome the often-inadequate standards, devoid of imagination and creativity that characterize the world of competitive sport.

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The first suit

Fabio Meraldi: “…In the first ski mountaineering competitions we used a simple rest suit from an athletics club, a normal 2-piece suit. The problems were obviously many: the suit was elephant-footed so the snow came in from below up to the knees and falling down meant an icy shower. With the project conceived by Valeria we have completely revolutionized the way of dressing, bringing great innovation …”

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Fast & Light Philosophy

Crazy is the first company to produce Fast & Light clothing. Fast & Light clothing wants to allow you to move effectively in the mountains, reducing weight and volume to the maximum, removing any superfluous element.

So we go from big heavy jackets full of pockets and heavy fleece and wool, to light clothing, with an athletic fit and technical fabrics.

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